Wednesday, July 22, 2009

EC - 15 week update part 3

Alright, alright, so my over-confidence in the last few posts has taught me a lesson.

Haha, God, very funny.

I was peed on no less than half-a-dozen times yesterday. Even at that, we actually made it to the potty at least 10 times, which means this little bugger is peeing about 16-20 times a day! I guess it's safe to say he's eating enough. Interestingly enough, I haven't missed a poop in over three days - probably longer. Yay us! Today has been much better. Only one accident this morning, just as I was taking him to the potty, and one overnight. Not too bad :) The funniest thing is he got his butt from my side of the family (poor thing) and it's such a bubble butt his undies don't cover it, lol! My GOD it's freakin' cute as hell! Totally the best part about ECing, lol.

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