Monday, April 4, 2011

How does your garden grow...

Hopefully, quite well. I've gotten all my planting done for the Spring, with the help of Leonidas and his cousins, Talon and Persephine. I had to get a little creative with placement, since we don't have a lot of room.

Here is my front yard, where our roses are blooming quite nicely. I had to sneak the hyssop in the back, between them. There are three tiny hyssop plants growing back there, I promise.

This is the unlikely spot for my corn and carrots...

Yes, that little spot right there. Hey, it could work.

So here is the front yard, in all it's potential glory...

And, of course, we had to use up what tiny little space there was in the back yard as well.

I think the clothesline shadow really makes this picture shine, don't you?

Now here is the other side of the yard...complete with the beautiful "weeds" that I will NOT be getting rid of. I like weeds. :)

This will eventually become Cinderella pumpkins, purple beans, and soybeans...

So there it lovely, tornado-just-hit-but-I-still-love-it back potential future food source!

And let's not forget the broccoli, jalapenos, and red onions which I started inside.

And thus starts my gardening adventure. I DO have some compost that's been composting all year...need to get that over here soon (ahem, Mother, who owns a van with compost-toting capabilities and keeps forgetting to bring it over when she visits...). I just hope I can manage to remember that they're all out there instead of forgetting to water them and letting them die like I usually do. :/


  1. Geez. You're making me jones for a right and proper garden. It's been too long. :\

    What are the 'weeds'? Anything useable? How come you're not going to pull them? That looks like a good spot for a couple of rows of corn.

  2. I'm not planting anything where the weeds are because that spot gets absolutely NO sun at all. I'm not sure what the weeds are, except the dandelions, which are usable. I just like the way the other weeds look. It's actually turning out to be a pretty ground cover!