Saturday, April 24, 2010

Leonidas Update - 12 months

Ok, so it's been a lonnng time since the last update. Let's see...

Walking! Leonidas took his first two steps at 7 months...then would only take one or two steps at a time for two months after that, lol. He officially started walking at nine months - by which I mean, he took seven steps one day and has been running ever since!

Throwing and kicking a ball: He's been doing this since about 10 months. Such an athlete!

Teeth: He now has 10 teeth. Yes, he's still nursing. No, it doesn't hurt.

Speaking of nursing: We're still going strong. He's still nursing on demand, which is several times a day (I don't count). He just snacks all day - a few minutes here and there - and only has "meals" at naps and bed time. I wonder how he'll react to me nursing the new baby...

Baby-Led-Weaning: We have been doing BLW since about five months. I absolutely love it and will never do purees or cereals after this experience. He eats everything. It's been so nice not to have to spoon feed him or deal with solid-food-introduction bowel problems. He can join the family at meals and we all get to eat together, which is priceless. Of course, saving money on baby food is also a plus. Now if only restaurants would have something other than pizza, macaroni and cheese, and chicken nuggets on their kids's really nice that he will eat healthy meals like steamed vegetables and seafood, but it sucks to have to spend $15 on a meal for my one-year-old, even if I do have leftovers.

Baby's First Piercing: Leonidas got his ears pierced last weekend! He was so brave and only cried for a few minutes (thanks to mommy, the human pacifier). We've decided to make it a tradition to get all our children's ears pierced when they reach the one-year mark - their first "coming of age" ceremony, so to speak. I know that even more people will think he's a girl now, but we did our best to make them look manly - he put in 16-gage labret studs facing backwards so the flat disk is on the front, which is a bit more masculine in my opinion. He wears them quite well, actually :)

Talking: We've had a bit of a language explosion lately. He now knows how to say about 40 words consistently and learns more every day. He favorites are "flower" (followed by "mmm" and leaning forward to smell the flower - or plant, tree, grass, as the case may be), "book" (his favorite past-time), "bird" (a new fascination), and "banana" ( I usually have to spell this in front of him, otherwise he will be terribly upset if he can't have one).

I'm sure there are more, but it's late and I'm tired, so here's where it ends for now. :)

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