Saturday, April 24, 2010

EC Update - 12 months

A year has gone by, and we are still EC survivors :) Leonidas has had his share of potty strikes, but right now, we're in a pretty good spot (knock on wood). He's talking more now, and so he can tell us when he needs to go (when he feels like it). I was so proud of him today. This afternoon, he came inside and said "ba ba" (which is Leo-speak for "pee pee") and took out his little potty seat and tried to set it up on the floor, lol. I took him to the potty and he went :) Then, this evening, while sitting in his high chair, he pointed to the bathroom and said "bope" (aka "poop"), and did just that when I took him in there! I think this cancels out the peeing-on-the-floor incident from this morning :/ I've only really been home one day since I've stopped working, so I'm not quite sure how the day usually goes, but I'm guess we have about 2-5 misses per day on average. Since he probably pees at least a dozen times a day, I guess that's not bad for a one-year-old! Sometimes he tries to tell me that he has to go and I don't realize it until after the fact, but mommy's learning, too. The great thing is we're communicating, and most of the time I just "know" when he has to go (even though I ignore the feeling at times, not being sure of myself). I feel so close to him, being able to know what his needs are and meeting those needs. More than anything, I think that's the point. Pee on the floor once in a while is not a big deal, but feeling this close to your child is unparalleled.

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